Keka is a very useful MacOs X compression tool. It also supports backup so it’s also known as backup tool. Options like file compression and support Keka, for each and every single format, drag and drop interface warrants to discover an area at your own dock along with a window. To make Keka extra enticing to pros and every single beginner, this free program that is 100% has compatibility for each strain and extracting archive formats you’ve to keep in mind not all of the extraction formats are encouraged for compression. Along to in designing formats like nada, RAR and 7zip, Keka such as for example mack may also manage in designing Disc image archives manufactured out of ISO format, so which is information for disk lovers WHO want to take advantage of disc loading that is faster is remedy method CD/DVD drives that are automatic.


Extracting files is easy, together with integration to Dock Finder, and every Desktop. All formats of archives pulled and will soon likely probably be manipulated falling them Keka icon on window or Dock, or simply by double-clicking onto them. With use, you Cannot Fail with choosing on Keka as the primary usefulness. Speedy, Quickly and Easy to use, Keka is Really a Great Free archiver to Get Macs. Keka is on the Appstore for many greenbacks This version can be used with Program Shop compatible systems, aka Macintosh OS X ten.6.x and better This variant does not have any enhancements, only changes on the default options thus it is often submitted to the App Store. The remake is not any.1.5 or 1.0 that may be each accessible on the online (free as always) and on the App Store.



Supported Compression formats :
7z, Zip, Tar, Gzip, Bzip2, DMG and ISO.


Supported Extraction formats :
RAR, 7z, Lzma, Zip, Tar, Gzip, Bzip2, ISO, EXE, CAB, kiss of peace and additional.


  • Based on the compression structure, you will also cipher the compressed file, or exclude OS X specific file types, such as resource forks and.DS_Store files. You will also realize the options to define compressed files region unit store, whether or not should be deleted, and also, once documents that are increasing the files need to be stored. The out-there options build Keka a flexible archiving program.
  • Once you’ve got the essential choices organized, you will merely drag a file or folder on the open Keka window, or onto Keka’s dock, to expand or compress the files. Keka is wise enough to grasp if it ought to compress or expand, a minimum of the majority of the time. You disable Keka from approximation what do and to try supported file types being dragged onto the program, and rather put together the app simply to expand or just to compress.

  • Keka functions as a single-window program that enables you to select one out in all those seven compression formats which might be used. Choices have diverse you will put such as the rate, which impacts perhaps, or a load of from compressed to compressed, the compression no compression, which you would use to cluster documents.
  • Keka also supports a discourse menu plugin which lets you utilize Keka straight from a Finder window, and also consider a pop-up menu by right-clicking in a folder or file. The discourse menu service could be a move in the event that you’d prefer this capacity, be certain that you discover the option.

  • Keka works nicely and didn’t display any difficulties with the numerous tasks I snapped at it. It was in a position to expand a few recent RAR documents I really have, additionally as some CAB documents I stirred over from AN the latest Windows setup. Keka did not cut down When it came with OS X formats that are native. In fact you choose, Keka might be in almost no time in pressure and pulling documents.

Review For Keka:-

  • Setup and the transport completed fast. There failed to appear to be no assistance or product upgrades and furthermore, there haven’t been any instructions, that Macintosh users could realize because the choices of the program will be perplexing, unsatisfying. Those users manage files that are huge extract them and may have Associate in Nursing program. Keka for Macintosh performs eachThe functions expected of the document archive program and contains many options which are going to be helpful for innovative users. The computer program conjointly lacks useful information, no matter how the program established easy enough to use.
  • The preferences menu has options for the type of output, together with each one the commonly-used formats provided. Users can change the rate of the computer file place as well as the compression. Whereas there square step options that are additional, Keka for conjointly allow. The application will be controlled by After set to default. Throughout our testing, compression performed in apps that were similar.
  • Despite its obsolete interface, Keka for Macintosh performs compression and extractions nicely and operates with a variety of useful formats. This program is right for Macintosh users that are innovative handling files that are bigger. For your information, you can download other archive for free here!

Requirements Of Keka

  • Intel, 64-bit processor.
  • OS X 10.9 or Older.

Download Keka Latest Version:-


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