Suppose if you are using Linux if any reason that you need to recover data because of physical damage or logical damage, so there are so many tools available to recover the data from Linux. The following  software will help you to recover your huge amount of data from these tools


5.GParted Live

GParted Live may be a little UNIX system distribution that has all the options of the newest GParted application. This little distribution isn’t a permanent UNIX system Distribution nonetheless is conducted using a CD or by USB keep on with recover walls, produce partition, information rescue from lost partitions and tons of additional and use arrow keys to select for the recover deleted file.


  • GParted lets you to wisely handle your disc partitions:
  • Produce partition tables, (e.g., msdos or gpt).
  • Generate, transfer, duplicate, resize, and assess, tag, place fresh UUID, also then delete partitions.
  • Empower and disable partition overlapping, (e.g., boot or concealed ).
  • Get knowledge rescue from missing partitions.
  • Recover deleted file and file data most accurately.

Download GpartedLive here


SystemRescueCD relies on Gentoo UNIX system and may be used as bootable read-only storage or USB driveway for re-pairing unbootable or differently broken notebook(Laptop) approaches if a machine crashes and set the default content and further set to default document language. The application supplies quantities of programs to further better successfully save understanding, creating and a bit of composing walls, and you can recovering lost files. Harddisk Screening and a Lot of Further choices are Getting recorded under:-


  • PartImage, disc imaging code which reproduces exclusively used businesses.
  • TestDisk to recoup lost partition and PhotoRec to regain lost information.
  • FSArchiver something tool which permits one to store tons of these contents of a filesystem to a compressed archive.
  • 2 bootloaders: both GRUB and SYSLINUX.
  • Internet Explorer: Firefox, Midori, ELinks.
  • Document manager: emelFM2.
  • Archiving and unarchiving presents.
  • Document system programs: filing procedure produce, rename, resize, proceed.
  • Support for All file systems, in Addition, to complete NTFS upgrade /, compose access (through Ntfs 3g ).
  • Capability to Create a boot disc for functional procedures.
  • Support for Windows composed document writing and phrase dynamical out of UNIX Os.
  • Could boot FreeDOS, Memtest86+, hardware medication as well as other boot discs out of one CD.

SystemRescueCD Download

First of all Download the image file and run it using CD-ROM or USB stick.  Download here

3. Trinity Rescue Kit

Trinity Rescue Kit (TRK) could be a free and ASCII text file UNIX system Supply Using a Command line User Interface. TRK was intended like a LiveCD or USB for prep. Tom Kerremans, the TRK’S writer, comprises Inside of the distribution many applications package utilities for repairing broken files, sick knowledge, resetting passwords, detective work laptop viruses, and disk biological research. TRK is very equipped for repairing common issues in Microsoft Windows and Unix-like operational systems and also used for boot sectors.


TRK 3.3 was supported by Linux 2.6.26.

  • 6 matches (obtained mis treatment alt+f 1, etc.).
  • The capacity to upgrade (anti-virus definitions/drivers) if burnt on a cd drive
  • DataRecovery Instruments.
  • Clone Windows within a community.
  • Read/Write into NTFS walls through Ntfs 3g clients permits replica of Most used home onto a driveway
  • Edit partition design
  • SSH Server, Samba host
  • Reveal all of the indigenous forces on the system for a consumer or even a Visitor
  • Fair Volume Control
  • Proxy-server service
  • Bridging Abilities
  • Will Allow TCP



 Download Trinity Rescue Kit (TRK)

2. Avira Rescue System

Avira Rescue System may be a set of free tools that embody a utility accustomed write a bootable CD which may be downloaded as associate ISO file. it’s its own Linux-based software, therefore, it doesn’t rely upon the one on the host laptop. It will be accustomed to clean associate unbootable laptop and is ready to search out malware. This application comprises the herpes virus information existing at this good period of transport and in addition the app. It then scans boots the system into the application and removes conjointly re-storing boot as well as functionality. It’s updated faithfully that the recent security upgrades spot unit.

Download Avira Rescue System

1. Knoppix

Knoppix is that the best and most used recovery tools or UNIX operating system For fixing a  busted process Supply and for File recovery also.

Knoppix is currently Associate at Nursing OS encouraged Debian for meant to be conducted directly in the CD/Videodisk (LiveCD ) and also a reside USB, just one in most of the first of its variety for virtually any OS. Running platform adviser Klaus Knopper designed Knoppix. Once by the moderate, it truly is packed beginning an app and decompressed to RAM travel. Even the decompression is on-the-fly and very crystal clear.

It might be placed into a disk type of irregular software bundle Even though Knoppix is built to function as a CD. Will load Knoppix out of memory or the USB thumb drive.

There are 2 main editions of Knoppix: the standard optical disc (700 megabytes) edition and therefore the videodisk (4.7 gigabytes) “Maxi” edition. every one of those main editions has 2 language-specific editions: English and German.

Knoppix largely consists of free and open supply computer code, however additionally includes some proprietary computer code, ciao because it fulfills bound conditions. Knoppix may be wont to copy files simply from laborious drives with inaccessible operational systems. To quickly and additional safely use UNIX operating system computer code, the Live CD may be used rather than putting in another OS.

Content Included In Knoppix

Step included around the CD variant and over 2600 measure included over the variant is packaged by Higher than just a million package. In accordance with eight gigabytes will probably be maintained the video disc in type that is compressed. These bundles comprise:

  • Access to the internet package, in addition to the KPPP dialer along with ISDN utilities.
  • The Icedove email consumer (according to Mozilla Thunderbird).
  • GIMP, a photo manipulation method.
  • Tools for knowledge saving and system restoration.
  • Network investigation and management tools.
  • LibreOffice, a detailed workplace package.
  • Root host.
  • MPlayer, together with MP3 sound, and Ogg Vorbis sound playback service.
  • Like Debian Unix Operating system you can use site e mail and you goes for  debian contact page if you have any query

   Download Knoppix

For your information, you can download other software for free!


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