Computer remote access comes in terribly handy after you got to manage your home laptop from work and vice-versa. it is also a quick, economical thanks to facilitating a lover or a client with Program package Setup and configuration. Yet device programs are tough to utilize along with hog system tools.

LogMeIn professional that a set of makes apparatus is easier than ever by giving you a simple, fast and absolutely totally completely free tool to get your notebook out of anyplace. To is move the customer, create an account and you can go.

The user needs to be placed in and found inside the computers you want to obtain remotely. Then you would like to attempt to do is start your session either using a Java user or a browser expansion – and you might have access to the pc.

LogMeIn shows an incredibly elaborated dashboard together using all types of information concerning the distant computer: network info, currently active procedures, community traffic, driveway data… that you will be prepared to handle documents, transfer data from the native server into the remote server and vice-versa, and sometimes even control the mouse and desktop over the remote notebook, using a remarkably speedy reaction to mouse motions. It options are additionally attention-grabbing additional options with that to speak with the user on the opposite aspect of the affiliation or record the full session in the video.

On the draw back, image resolution is clearly not terribly high once remote dominant (forget regarding viewing photos within the remote PC). Also, the Java-based file manager typically feels a touch awkward however that ismost likely because of Java itself. In all, i feel LogMeIn is one amongst the simplest device apps I’ve tried.

LogMeIn professional is a superb device application that options everything you wish to manage remote systems and supply technical help.


  • Remote control: after you forgot one thing in your pc, you not have to be compelled to bear long processes to recover it. LogMeIn Free helps you to access your laptop and to get rid of the information you wish to get rid of.
  • File management: henceforward, the user will work on any medium, whether or not it’s a laptop, associate iPad or associate iPhone. The user will manage files; may transfer knowledge to an overseas machine from a neighborhoodmachine. User ca also management the mouse and therefore the desktop of the remote laptop.
  • Other features: except all that, LogMeIn Free conjointly permits their users to consult their mails, to attain files, to run programs, and watch high definition videos and hear the sound remotely.



For anyone WHO needs to travel on business, it’s all-too-easy to depart behind files on your laptop or need access to confidential accounts, however you don’t invariably have the time to repeat those files to a USB key. Indeed, putting in a transportable version of your favorite software package on a brief host laptop, isn’t invariably sensible. If you would like to try to to some work on a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, and you’ve got no access to PowerPoint, you’re in bother.

With the increase of quick broadband, accessingand mistreatment your laptop remotely may be a chance. With the proper software package, you’ll quickly and simply login to the remote laptop and think about and use the desktop from a number laptop, while not effort a trace behind. It’s all secure and safe, therefore neither the host pcowner nor external hacker will intercept the association.

LogMeIn consumer is desktop software package you’ll use to remotely access another laptop (which needsLogMeIn installed) from any host laptop or mack, across the net. Indeed, with a Mac, you and use your laptop, in a very window on your desktop, while not requiring any more applications, virtual package or Bootcamp put in. you’ll use a Windows application on your mack, with simply remote access.


  • Simple to use: works in a very browser
  • Permits to transfer information between computers
  • Fast response from remote computer
  • Attention-grabbing features: recording,
  • Chat, elaborate information concerning remote computer


  • Java client looks a old fashion

System Compability:-

  • Windows 7 or newer with 64-bit
  • Windows Server 2008R2 or newer with 64-bit
  • On a Mac: OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or newer
  • Linux, Chromebook and Windows RT aren’t supported

Download Latest version of LogMeIn:-

For windows 

Image result for download

Click Here For MacOs Download

For your information, you can download other software for free!


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